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2023 Complete Outfitting Packages

canoeing Algonquin

Being the oldest outfitter in the Algonquin Park area, you can be assured that our experience will provide you and your party with everything you need.

From our well-maintained equipment to our generous meals, you will find everything you need for a successful Algonquin Park canoe trip.

Upon arriving at our store, our helpful staff will spend as much time as needed with you regarding your menu plan, equipment, canoe route and canoeing skills, as well as answer any other questions you may have concerning your trip. This way, when you are ready to set out on your trip, we as well as yourself can feel confident that you will have a memorable holiday experience.

We offer two outfitting packages.

credit cards  accepted One is designed for a multi day self guided canoe portaging trip and the second is a base camp setting at the top of Opeongo Lake.
Both packages include all equipment and food for a successful Algonquin Park holiday.

Lightweight Complete Outfitting
Fresh food is provided for the first few days, followed by premium dehydrated food for the remainder of the trip.
Ultimate Interior Camping
& Moose Viewing Experience

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To Reserve, call 1-800-790-1864 or email us info@opeongooutfitters.com

Lightweight Package includes:

NOTE: We use only our best, newest canoes and equipment in all our outfitting packages.

  • Feather Weight Canoe (approximate weight 42 lbs.)
  • Lightweight free-standing Dome tent
  • Expedition pack (padded back and hip belt)
  • Sleeping bag with liner
  • Self inflating sleeping pads
  • Complete Cook Kit (pots, plates, cups, frying pans, utensils)
  • Compact one-burner stove, with fuel
  • Flashlight with extra batteries (one per tent)
  • Saw, Rope, Tarp
  • First Aid kit
  • Rain gear
  • Bio-degradable soap
  • Waterproof matches
  • Scrub pads and dishcloths
  • All food, desserts and snacks
  • and we don’t forget toilet paper!

Rates: (per person, per day)
      3-4 days    $109.95
      5 + days    $99.95

These rates are based on a minimum of 2 adults.
Children: under 16 - 25% off; Children under 10 - 50% off

Ultimate Interior Camping & Moose Viewing Experience

Our staff will take you & your group to the North Arm of Opeongo Lake by Water Taxi where you will find a perfectly set up private base campsite with everything you will need for a successful camping holiday. Once your trip is over, our Water Taxi will come pick you & your group up.

Once you're settled in, our staff will make sure everything is in order and go over places of interest:

Hailstorm Creek Moose and Wildlife Viewing 1/2 day trip
Happy Isle Lake nature Walk 1/2 day trip Crow River
Huge Virgin White Pine Trees 1 Day Trip (take lunch)

We'll also go over canoeing and fishing skills for your endless day trips in the area where you will have the place to yourself.

This package includes the same equipment and food menu as the Ultra-Lite package with these extras. Extra large tent set up, Sleeping Bags and 3 inch Sleeping Mats in tent. Rain Tarp set up, Firewood on site, Full size propane B.B.Q., Propane Lantern, Camp Chairs - 4 ft. Table, 100 Litre Ice Cooler with Ice, Fresh Food, & Water.

Our water taxi driver will stop in every day or so to check up on you to make sure everything is going as planed (as close to a guided trip as you can get).

For the people staying 3 days or more we will bring you more fresh food and ice.

There is no dehydrated tripping food in this package.

We have added more fresh food to this package such as real cream or milk for your coffee and sour cream for your baked potatoes. yum! yum!

Minimum 2 People per Group   Children under 10 yrs. old - 15% off

3 Days Trip including water taxi
2 People $154.95
per person, per day.
3-4 People $134.95
per person, per day.
5-6 People $124.95
per person, per day.

4 Days Trip including water taxi
2 People $134.95
per person, per day.
3-4 People $124.95
per person, per day.
5-6 People $119.95
per person, per day.

5 + Days Trip including water taxi
2 People $124.95
per person, per day.
3-4 People $114.95
per person, per day.
5-6 People $109.95
per person, per day.